Our trip began with a limo (E-class Benz) journey from Edinburgh to Glasgow airport – one of the benefits of business class don’t you know.

We flew to Melbourne, arriving in the middle of the night, which was good for us as we were able to hit the sack straight away, not so good for Alison who was woken in the middle of the night when we arrived.  We spent a couple of days there, with Morag becoming acquainted with her niece Grace, and we had a chance to see some top-class Badminton at the Commie Games. Then Mal caught the train down to Paynesville for a few days R&R.

In Paynesville is where the laptop disaster struck.  Mal was trying to do a part-time study course while on the trip, only for the essential laptop to die in the first week (I managed to get a good enough mark to qualify for a free re-sit on the Feb-Apr run of the course).

Meanwhile, Morag headed to Tas., catching up with Jen and Lachlan in Hobart, and many others in Launceston, before we met up again in Devonport.

After Devonport we headed to Sydney to visit Fiona and Dave, who have a very nice flat with an excellent balcony.  Here we literally bumped into our former neighbours from our flat in Edinburgh, they have emigrated to Sydney.  So we managed to spend a few hours chatting with them (on Manly beach).

Later in the trip we journeyed to Halls Gap with Frank, Matthew and Erin, to visit Sylvia the Park Ranger.  It was great to spend a few days in the park with them.

The final part of the trip was for Morag to take Grace to Canberra for an overnight trip to visit Cousin William (the saviour of the Medwin clan).

Here is our photo album from the trip.

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