Mal was working in Belfast for April (HBOS have an e-commerce development centre there).

So Morag used the opportunity to have a quick visit for a few days.  There were some walking tours available and the most convenient was the “political tour” of West Belfast, taken by ex Republican political prisoners  (ie. IRA members and sympathisers).  The tour was led by a fella in his early 30s whose parents, aunts, uncles etc had all been interned (ie. imprisoned without trial) during the troubles, so it was a self-admitted one-sided view.  It basically went around the Falls Road area, whereas the Shankhill Road, which runs parallel is the unionist area.

The piccies are of various murals seen on the tour.  The final one is a UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) mural just round the corner from the office Mal was working in.

Picture album.

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