In March we spent a week on Arran – this is an island on the west coast of Scotland, in the mouth of the Firth of Clyde.  The island is about 11 miles by 9 miles.

We traveled over on the ferry on Saturday afternoon, & were a bit lucky there because bad weather had caused cancellation of sailings only the day before.  Our trip over was OK, it’s only an hour on the boat.  We stayed the week in Finch Cottage at  Kilmichael deluxe cottage. Saturday night we ate at the local pub, only a mile away so normally we’d walk but it was pelting rain so we drove there down on the gravel track.

Sunday it was wet and windy so we took a leisurely drive round the south part of the island.  We’d brought a stack of DVDs so this was the first evening spent watching a movie in the cottage.  Mal said: “it would be good if it snowed, as we don’t have to travel anywhere and it would add something to the trip”.

Monday it snowed, we went for a walk into Brodick, the main town on the island, which is less than 2 miles from the cottage.  It’s quite nice walking in the snow – it was pretty light and left just a thin covering on the ground.  By the end of Tuesday it had pretty much snowed on & off all day and there was quite a decent covering on the ground.

Tuesday was a beautiful still sunny day so we made an attempt on the highest hill on the island, Goat Fell (874m).  As we ascended there was still some snow on the ground, beginning to melt.  We didn’t quite get to the top as it was starting to get a bit icy and it was hard to be sure of the path- as it was covered in snow, but it was great to do the walk with snow on the ground.

Wednesday was wet and windy again, we had a pretty quiet day.

Thursday was wet and windy again so we drove round the north of the island, stopping on the way at the Arran  Whisky Distillery for a tour and a wee sample that took ones breath away.

Friday was breezy but dry, we tried a walk from the cottage into the nearby woods that would have looped round after a couple of hours walk, but the path seemed to have been obliterated by some logging or a fast flowing stream that we’d have to cross.  So we gave up on that and drove down south to Lamlash and did a short walk along the coast that then turned inland (through muddy field, urk) and back to Lamlash.

Saturday was return home day, bucketed rain.  Return ferry was delayed by the weather but we eventually got home (on the same day that Scotland beat England in the 6 Nations Rugby – had to mention it somehow!)

Photos here.

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