Yorkshire – a week of sunshine

We went to Yorkshire for a week, just before school holidays so we had great weather. We stayed in this cottage in Richmond, a lovely old market town.

Monday we drove out to Langthwaite and from there walked along the Arckle Beck in a shaded valley for a wee while, then uphill along Slei Gill with small “waterfalls and cascades” until we reached old lead mine workings (mining up to end of 18thC), then across open moorland flushing grouse out of the dry heather as we went, with great views along Arkengarthdale (vslley) fiinally back downhill with a detour to the intriguingly named hamlet of Booze, which was totally dissapointing, then back to Langthwaite. On the way home stopped at Reeth (seen often in All Creatures great and Small) for an ice-cream and wander round the villsge.

Tuesday we drove to Muker and did a circular walk round Kisdon Hill. Starting from Muker we went across open fields to River Swale, which we followed uphill with great views back down the valley to Muker, after a while we were walking along the edge of the Swale Gorge with Kisdon Hill on other side of the gorge. After passing more old mine workings and a waterfall “East Gill Force” we arrived at Keld, where we sat on a shaded bench in the cemetery and ate our picnic, before heading back sputh round the other side of Kisdon eventually following “the corpse road” (medieval funeral track from Keld to Grinton) with great views down Swaledale to Muker

Wednesday in Richmond, a rest-day and a chance to check out the town (and the shops)

Thursday, a walk in Upper Swaledale – drove to Askrigg (main place for filming of All Creatures) and from there walked up through some fields until we arried at Mill Gill Force, a fairly impressive waterfall. From there downhoill to a very interesting little town (Bainbridge – Elizabethan stocks, roman fort…) where we ate our picnic (home-made suasage rolls) then walked through some more fields and along the top of Worton Scar (a limestone ridge) with nice views along the valley. On the way down from the ridge we said hello to a farmer and ended up chatting to him for half-hour. Soon we were back in Askrigg and time for some ice-cream (not as good as from Reeth the other day)

Friday, a walk direct from the cottage along a ridge out to the west of town. Great views of the valley below, we passed a spot named Willance’s Leap. Many years ago a chap named Willance was out hunting on his horse, horse took fright in fog and carried him over the edge of the ridge. Lying at the bottom with a broken leg and a dead horse, he realised he would freeze to detah fairly quickly, so pulled out his trusty knife and sliced open the dead horse, using the heat from the innards to keep him warm until help arrived. We had no such adventure thank goodness, and we had sunshine. Eventually the walk took us down to the valley where we returned to Richmond along the riverbank.

See photos from our week in Yorkshire or see them as a slideshow.

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