William Mercer1846

William Mercer
Birth April 10, 1846 21 27
Note: Birth record entry:
Census March 30, 1851 (Age 4 years)
Address: 35 Clinkhill Village of Baintown
Census April 7, 1861 (Age 14 years)
Address: 69 Muirhouses
MarriageChristina MorrisView this family
November 27, 1865 (Age 19 years)
Note: Scotlands People
Note: Scotland Marriages 1561-1910
Census April 2, 1871 (Age 24 years)
Address: Kingseat, Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
Census April 3, 1881 (Age 34 years)
Address: High Street, Wemyss, Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland
Census April 5, 1891 (Age 44 years)
Address: Haughmill, Markinch, Fife, Scotland
Census March 31, 1901 (Age 54 years)
Address: Kennoway Road, Markinch, Windygates, Fife, Scotland

Note: ?? MERCER, WILLIAM - 63 - 1908 - 447/2 18 - Windygates
Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: March 6, 1846Wemyss, Fife, Scotland
-5 years
elder brother
4 years
elder sister
1 year
5 years
younger sister
4 years
younger sister
21 months
younger brother
2 years
younger brother
2 years
younger sister
2 years
younger brother
23 months
younger sister
Agnes Mercer
Birth: May 16, 1863 38 44Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland
Death: 1864Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland
2 years
younger brother
John Mercer
Birth: May 6, 1865 40 46Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland
Death: 1865Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland
Family with Christina Morris - View this family
Marriage: November 27, 1865Dunfermline, Fife, Scotland
13 months
2 years
3 years
3 years
3 years
5 years
3 years
5 years
3 years
3 years

Birth record entry: Parish / District Name - Number - Entry / Frame Beath / Wemyss - OPR 410/2 - fr 536 Surname Mercer Sex M / F M Given names William Date and time 10 April 1846 Place parish of Wemyss Father’s names Andrew Mercer Mother’s names Agnes Mercer Mother maiden name Dunsire RCE / other information second son (sic)
Census1851 Scottish Census - Andrew Mercer + Agnes Dunsyre - Household

Book ?, page 10 Kennoway

Andrew MercerHeadM25MCoalminerFife, Kennoway
Agnes MercerwifeM30FFife, Wemyss
James MercersonS9MScholarFife, Wemyss
William MercersonS5Mat homeFife, Wemyss
Janet MercerdaughterS9mFFife, Kennoway

Notes: Missing daughter Isabella is entered on census with grandmother, Janet

Census1861 Scottish Census - Andrew Mercer + Agnes Dunsyre - Household

Book 006, page 037 410 Auchterderran

Andrew MercerHeadM36MCoal MinerFife, Kennoway
Agnes MercerwifeM40FFife, Wemyss
James MercersonS18MCoal DrawerFife, Wemyss
Isobella MercerdaughterS16FFactory WorkerFife, Methil
William MercersonS14MCoal DrawerFife, Methil
Janet MercerdaughterS10FScholarFife, Kennoway
Mary MercerdaughterS8FScholarFife, Kennoway
Alexander MercersonS6MScholarFife, Beath
Andrew MercersonS4MFife, Auchterderran
Ann MercerdaughterS2FFife, Auchterderran

Notes: Number people Blind, Deaf or Dumb -0, Number children at school - 3, Number rooms with one or more windows - 2

Scotlands People Name: MERCER, WILLIAM Spouse: MORRISON, CHRISTINA Year: 1865 Ref: 424/1 140 Place: Dunfermline Burgh
Scotland Marriages 1561-1910 First name(s) Christina Last name Morris Marriage year 1865 Marriage date 27 Nov 1865 Marriage place Dunfermline,Fife,Scotland Spouse's first name(s) Wm. Spouse's last name Mercer Place Dunfermline County Fife Country Scotland
Census1871 Scotland - Census - William Mercer + Christina Morris - Household

William MercerheadMar25MinerWemyss, Fife
Christina M MercerwifeMar28Lochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
Christina M Mercerdaughter5Lochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
Agnes Mercerdaughter3Lochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
Andrew Mercerson2Lochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
Alexander MercerboarderUnm18Coal MinerLochgelly, Fife
William KirkboarderUnm20Coal MinerLeslie, Fife

Census1881 Scotland - Census - William Mercer + Christina Morris - Household

High Street, Wemyss, Buckhaven, Fife, Scotland

William MercerheadMar34CoalminerMethil, Fife
Christina MercerwifeMar35Lochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
Christina MercerdaughterUnm15MillworkerLochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
Agnes Mercerdaughter13ScholarLochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
Andrew Mercerson11ScholarLochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
Ann Mercerdaughter9ScholarDunfermline, Fife
Isabella Mercerdaughter7ScholarLochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
John Mercerson4Lochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
Elizabeth Mercerdaughter2Wemyss, Fife

Census1891 Scotland - Census - William Mercer + Christina Morris - Household

Haughmill, Markinch, Fife, Scotland

William MercerheadMar44Coal MinerFife
Christina MercerwifeMar45Fife
Christina MercerdaughterUnm25Spinning Mill WorkerFife
Ann MercerdaughterUnm20Spinning Mill WorkerAuchterderran, Fife
John Mercerson14Coal MinerFife
Elizabeth Mercerdaughter13DressmakerFife
Williamina Mercerdaughter8ScholarFife
Alexander Mercerson6ScholarWemyss, Fife
Robert Mercerson4Fife
William MercerGrandson5ScholarFife

William listed here as Grandson, listed as son in 1901

Census1901 Scotland - Census - William Mercer + Christina Morris - Household

Kennoway Road, Markinch, Windygates, Fife, Scotland

William MercerheadMar58Coal Miner HewerBeath, Fife
Christina MercerwifeMar58Lochgelly, Auchterderran, Fife
Alexander MercersonUnm16Coal Miner DrawerWemyss, Fife
William Mercerson15Coal Miner Drawer
Robert Mercerson14ScholarFife

William listed as son here, was listed as grandson in 1891

?? MERCER, WILLIAM - 63 - 1908 - 447/2 18 - Windygates
Informant at mother's death, 1887