Ann Mercer1859

Ann Mercer
Birth February 6, 1859 33 40
Note: Birth record entry:
Note: Scotland Births & Baptisms 1564-1950
Census April 7, 1861 (Age 2 years)
Address: 69 Muirhouses
Census April 2, 1871 (Age 12 years)
Address: West Wemyss

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Marriage: March 6, 1846Wemyss, Fife, Scotland
-5 years
elder brother
4 years
elder sister
1 year
elder brother
5 years
elder sister
4 years
elder sister
21 months
elder brother
2 years
elder brother
2 years
2 years
younger brother
23 months
younger sister
Agnes Mercer
Birth: May 16, 1863 38 44Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland
Death: 1864Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland
2 years
younger brother
John Mercer
Birth: May 6, 1865 40 46Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland
Death: 1865Auchterderran, Fife, Scotland

Birth record entry: Parish / District Name - Number - Entry / Frame Auchterderran / Fife - 405 - 23 Surname Mercer Sex M / F F Given names Ann Date and time 6 Feb 1859 2h AM Place Graingersquare ??, Lochgelly, Parish of Auchterderran Father’s names Andrew Mercer Occupation Iron Miner if deceased Y/N N Mother’s names Agnes Mercer Mother maiden name Dunsire Occupation if deceased Y/N N Place parents married Wemyss Date 4 March 1846 Informant’s name Andrew Mercer relationship to child Father Registration place Auchterderran Date 19 Feb 1859 Registrar’s name William B Sow RCE / other information
Scotland Births & Baptisms 1564-1950 First name(s) Ann Last name Mercer Gender Female Birth year 1859 Birth place Auchterderran,Fife,Scotland Baptism year - Baptism date - Baptism place - Father's first name(s) Andrew Father's last name Mercer Mother's first name(s) Agnes Mother's last name Dunsire Place Auchterderran County Fife Country Scotland
Census1861 Scottish Census - Andrew Mercer + Agnes Dunsyre - Household

Book 006, page 037 410 Auchterderran

Andrew MercerHeadM36MCoal MinerFife, Kennoway
Agnes MercerwifeM40FFife, Wemyss
James MercersonS18MCoal DrawerFife, Wemyss
Isobella MercerdaughterS16FFactory WorkerFife, Methil
William MercersonS14MCoal DrawerFife, Methil
Janet MercerdaughterS10FScholarFife, Kennoway
Mary MercerdaughterS8FScholarFife, Kennoway
Alexander MercersonS6MScholarFife, Beath
Andrew MercersonS4MFife, Auchterderran
Ann MercerdaughterS2FFife, Auchterderran

Notes: Number people Blind, Deaf or Dumb -0, Number children at school - 3, Number rooms with one or more windows - 2

Census1871 Scottish Census - Andrew Mercer + Agnes Dunsyre - Household

Book 001, page 020 459 Wemyss

Andrew MercerHeadM45MPit CarpenterFife, Kennoway
Agnes MercerwifeM51FFife, Wemyss
Stephen PeggieLodgerM21MCoal LabourerFife, Wemyss
Janet MercerdaughterM20FFife, Kennoway
Andrew MercersonS14MCoal DrawerFife, Auchterderran
Ann MercerdaughterS12FScholarFife, Auchterderran
George Brown MercersonS9MScholarFife, Auchterderran
David PeggieG'sonS8mMFife, Wemyss

Notes: Number people Blind, Deaf or Dumb -0, Number children at school - 2, Number rooms with one or more windows - 2

Birth entry not sighted
As Annie Mercer, witness to marriage of George Brown Mercer