Janet CowanAge: 90 years18551945

Janet Cowan
Birth 1855
MarriageAlexander MercerView this family
April 18, 1879 (Age 24 years)
Census April 3, 1881 (Age 26 years)
Address: Irelands Row, 5, Beath, Fife, Scotland
Census April 5, 1891 (Age 36 years)
Address: Haughmill, Markinch, Fife, Scotland
Census March 31, 1901 (Age 46 years)
Address: Kennoway Road, Markinch, Windygates, Fife, Scotland
Death April 3, 1945 (Age 90 years)
Will March 6, 1946 (11 months after death)
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4 years
younger sister
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Marriage: April 18, 1879Beath, Fife, Scotland
20 months
3 years
4 years
4 years
22 months
5 years

Census1881 Scotland - Census - Alexander Mercer + Janet Cowan - Household

Beath, Fife, Scotland

Alexander MercerheadMar26Coal MinerBeath, Fife
Janet MercerwifeMar25Crossgate, Fife
Andrew Mercerson1Beath, Fife

Census1891 Scotland - Census - Alexander Mercer + Janet Cowan - Household

Markinch, Fife, Scotland

Alexander MercerheadMar36Coal MinerBeath, Fife
Janet MercerwifeMar36Beath, Fife
Andrew Mercerson11ScholarBeath, Fife
Robert Mercerson9ScholarBeath, Fife
Lizzie Mercerdaughter6ScholarBuckhaven, Wemyss, Fife
Agnes Mercerdaughter3Buckhaven, Wemyss, Fife
John Cowan Mercerson1Buckhaven, Fife

Census1901 Scotland - Census - Alexander Mercer + Janet Cowan - Household

Markinch, Fife, Scotland

Alexander MercerheadMar46Coal Miner, HewerBeath, Fife
Janet MercerwifeMar46Beath, Fife
Andrew MercersonUnm21Coal Miner, HewerBeath, Fife
Robert MercersonUnm19Coal Miner, HewerBeath, Fife
Agnes Mercerdaughter13ScholarBuckhaven, Wemyss, Fife
John Cowan Mercerson11ScholarBuckhaven, Fife
Janet Mercerdaughter7ScholarMarkinch, Fife
William DicksonboarderUnm30Edinburgh, Midlothian

Leven Mail 06 March 1946 COTTAGE An action has been raised in Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court by Andrew Mercer, Viewforth Cottage, and Robert Mercer, Muiredge, Buckhaven, trustees of the late Alexander Mercer, Greag Roineach Cottage, Windygates, against Mrs Janet Mercer or Ritchie or Paterson, and Duncan Paterson, both residing at Creag Roineach, Kennoway Road, WIndygates. The record in this case has now been closed. The pursuers crave the Court to eject the defenders from the cottage known as Creag Roineach, and in their condescendence they aver that on his death on 9th December, 1934, the late Alexander Mercer bequethed his estate to the pursuers and to his wife, Mrs Janet Cowan or Mercer, as trustees. Mrs Mercer died on or about 2nd April, 1945, and the deceased Alexander Mercer further directed his trustees, on the death of his wife, or his own death if she pre-deceased him, to realise the whole of his estate and divide it into seven parts amongst named members of his family. In their answers, the defenders aver that they were requested by the late owner and liferentrix of the cottage to remain in occupation, and as they have been accepted as tenants for many years, the pursuers are not entitled to the remedy craved. The defenders ask that the case be dismissed accordingly. Fife Free Press, & Kirkcaldy Guardian 20 April 1946 This case was concluded, this is a lengthy article summarised here: The defenders lost the case because they were arguing that as long-term tenants they could not be evicted. However they could not show that they had ever paid rent and could not therefore be considered tenants.