John Barclay

John Barclay
MarriageAnn ThalonView this family
January 8, 1762
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Birth of a daughter
Margaret Barclay
February 9, 1763
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Birth of a son
Thomas Barclay
November 18, 1764
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Marriage of a childThomas BarclayMargaret BarclayView this family
Type: Religious marriage
November 17, 1793
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Note: The parents of Thomas and Margaret Barclay (m. 17 Nov 1793) are George B. & Grizel Craigie and John B. & Ann Thalon. Each of these couples had a Margaret and a Thomas. I can only presume that the Margaret who married Thomas was the daughter of George B. & Grizel C. because the marriage entry for Thomas & Margaret shows Margaret as being from Scoonie, and Grizel Craigie’s marriage entry is in Scoonie. Therefore the parents of Thomas B are John B. and Ann Thalon. I have assumed that this is the case. -- On the other hand, the naming pattern of Thomas & Margaret's children would indicate the opposite.

Marriage record entry: Parish / District Name - Number - Entry / Frame Kennoway / Fife - OPR 434/3 - Fr 619 Text of entry Following on from previous entry, Dec 13 1761. John Barclay & Ann Thalon both in this parish were then contracted and married Jan 8th thereafter.