Henry Holt

John Henry Stratton “Henry” HoltAge: 55 years19211977

John Henry Stratton “Henry” Holt
Given names
John Henry Stratton
Birth May 19, 1921 37 33
Note: Birth cert. - Application fol 75/26039, Official Number 17213/21
Willow Grove Primary School

Birth of a brotherFrancis Norton Holt
1927 (Age 5 years)
Death of a paternal grandmotherPrudence Eliza Whitmore
December 17, 1929 (Age 8 years)
Note: The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) - Wed 17 Dec 1930 - Page 1 - Family Notices
Note: The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) - Wed 18 Dec 1929 - Page 1 - Family Notices
Death of a paternal grandfatherJohn Holt
September 16, 1934 (Age 13 years)
Note: According to the Vic Death Index, died 1934 aged 80 at "MELB N", index 8128
Note: The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) - Mon 17 Sep 1934 - Page 1 - Family Notices
Note: Victoria Deaths 1836-1985
Note: The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) - Mon 17 Sep 1934 - Page 1 - Family Notices
Painter And Decorator, Labourer

Residence November 14, 1942 (Age 21 years)
Death of a fatherHenry Herbert “Harry” Holt
July 3, 1958 (Age 37 years)
Note: Death index 25968 in 1958
Note: Victoria Deaths 1836-1985
Death of a sisterEthel Harriet Prudence Holt
May 31, 1973 (Age 52 years)
Note: Victoria Deaths 1836-1985
Death of a sisterMavis Lillian Holt
1974 (Age 52 years)
Note: Victoria Deaths 1836-1985
Death May 7, 1977 (Age 55 years)
Note: Death cert. - number 13485/77
Note: Victoria Deaths 1836-1985
Burial May 11, 1977 (4 days after death)
Will April 14, 1978 (11 months after death)
Note: Victoria Wills & Probate
Church Of England

Family with parents - View this family
Marriage: January 9, 1908Morwell, Victoria, Australia
-23 months
elder brother
4 years
elder sister
3 years
elder sister
4 years
elder sister
3 years
elder sister
5 years
7 years
younger brother
Family with Edna Frances Cameron - View this family
Edna CameronEdna Frances Cameron
Birth: September 26, 1922 38 30Subiaco, Perth, Western Australia, Australia
Death: August 20, 2000Raymond Island, Victoria, Australia

Birth cert. - Application fol 75/26039, Official Number 17213/21
Death cert. - number 13485/77 Cause of death: Incarcerated femoral hernia - ? months, Cirrhosis of the liver - years, Ascites - months
Victoria Deaths 1836-1985 First name(s) John Henry Strat Last name Holt Age 56 Sex Male Birth year 1921 Death year 1977 Father's name Henry Herber Mother's name Ethel Harri Stratton Death place Moe State Victoria Registration number 13485 Record set Victoria Deaths 1836-1985 Category Birth, Marriage & Death (Parish Registers) Subcategory Civil Deaths & Burials Collections from Australasia
Victoria Wills & Probate First name(s) John Henry Stratton Sex Male Last name Holt Grant year 1978 Death year 1977 Occupation Machinist Residence Tanjil South State Victoria Country Australia Nature of grant P Death date 07 May 1977 Grant date 14 Apr 1978 To whom committed - File number 838/330 Order link VPRS 28/P8, unit 540;< Category Birth, Marriage & Death (Parish Registers) Subcategory Wills & Probate Collections from Australasia
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Tanjil South - events and notes

Various stories related to the town of Tanjil South in eastern Victoria. These snippets might not be about people related to my father but are often about people who were in the area where myself and my siblings grew up.


The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954)  Sat 27 Sep 1952  Page 9  Gippsland Cow Tops Herd Test 


Gippsland Cow Tops Herd Test

A Guernsey-Jersey cross cow, owned by Mr. Keith Knight, of Tanjll South, won the Victorian Herd Test Association contest this year with a butterfat yield of 838 lb.  It recorded this yield while under test with the Narracan Herd Testing Association.

Department of Agriculture officials said yesterday the cow, Tulip, was In the four-year-old class and was one of Victoria's highest producers.

Mr. J. G. Howell, of Leongatha, was second with a cow yielding 788 lb., and Mr. A. R. Opray. of Stanhope, whose cow yielded 775 lb., was placed third.


The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Monday 2 January 1950 p 1 Article


Man killed by shock

Mr Allan Kennedy, of Morwell, was electrocuted when he touched some electric wires while seated on the top of a load of hay at Tanjil South, near Moe, on Saturday. The power was cut off in an unsuccessful attempt to save him.

Mr Kennedy, a married man with two children, was assisting his sister-in-law, Mrs A. J. S. Hasthorpe, with harvesting operations.


The Argus (Melbourne, Vic. : 1848 - 1957) Thursday 2 February 1939 p 2 Article



Tanjil South Fire

MOE Wednesday —Fires burned to within a few feet of several farmhouses in the Tanjil South district today and only the desperate efforts of residents and fire fighters who answered urgent calls at Moe and Yallourn saved the buildings, haystacks, farm buildings and stock. Directed by Constable Alexander of Moe, volunteers saved the homestead and haystack on Mr M Knight's farm. Fire burned to within a few feet of the homestead on the farm of Mr C Wllliames but the buildings were saved. About 80 acres of grass was destroyed and a herd of valuable dairy stock was moved to safety just in time. Believing that nothing could save their home Mr and Mrs M P Williames moved their belongings to open ground.

The women and children from other homes near by took refuge in and beside the Tanjil River until the danger had passed. Their homes were saved. Last night many volunteers patrolled the fire area to guard against fresh outbreaks.


Weekly Times (Melbourne, Vic. : 1869 - 1954) Saturday 4 March 1939 p 7 Article



Two further extensions; under its rural electrification programme, have been completed and placed in service. One is to 10 consumers at Tanjil South, near Moe. and the other to 14 at Batesford, in Geelong district.

Four dairy farmers and eight farmers and orchardists will be among the consumers. The commission has linked more than 600 farms with electricity this financial year, and hopes to link another 400.

More than 4000 farms are now being served.


The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Tuesday 31 January 1939 p 11 Article



Gippsland Towns In Danger

MOE, Monday.— Much consternation existed at Willow Grove and Tanjll South to-day when bush flres menaced several farm houses. Urgent messages for assistance were sent to Moe and Trafalgar, and a number of volunteers went out. Unfortunately, the firemen were taking part In the flre brigades demonstration at Warragul and were not available.

Fighters from Willow Grove helped save the homes of E. and T. Brown. A temporary change in the wind took the fire across the road behind the property known as Alderwood, and occupied by Mr. J. Morphett. The wind changed again and the fire entered Mr. J. M Laidlaw's property and crossed the Tanjil River into Mr. Mark Knight's and Truscott's farms. At Knight's the men had a hard fight, but early this evening all homes were safe.

During the afternoon Constable Creed, of Moe, had all women and children from Tanjll South brought to Moe. The wind dropped about 7 p.m., and some flre fighters returned to Trafalgar, but Constables Creed and Gregory remained with a number In case of further danger.

At 9 p.m. the Moe flre bell was again sounded, a strong west wind having fanned a flre near Mr. Bert Savige's property. Since midday residents along Westbury Ridge have also had an anxious time. Mr. T. Hateley's home and sheds narrowly escaped destruction.

The Moe-Walhalla service car with a full load of passengers had to come through a fire at Gould this evening. This fire crossed the railway line and several sleepers which were on fire had to be extinguished before the train could come from Gould to Moe.


The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) Fri 27 Dec 1935 Page 9 MOE FLATS INUNDATED. 

Tanjil River Rising.

MOE, Thursday. — Reports from farmers on the Tanjil River, near Moe, are that the river has been gradually rising all day as a result of the heavy rains in the mountains near Walhalla last night.

A rise of eighteen inches in the last hour has occurred, and lagoons and low parts of the adjoining flats are being covered with water, where the river Is overflowing its banks. No Interference with traffic on the Moe-Walhalla road Is expected, as the new bridge over the Tanjil River, replacing the one destroyed In last December's floods, has been open for use for the past week.

Farmers at Tangll South fear the loss, for the fourth time this season, of crops of maize and potatoes. At present there is very little change In the normal level ot the Latrobe River. Light rain fell this evening, and the sky Is heavily overcast.