Thomas PigottAge: 74 years18441918

Thomas Pigott
Given names
Birth 1844 40 18

Note: No birth entry found.
Birth of a sisterEmilia Pigott
September 26, 1844
Baptism of a sisterEmilia Pigott
September 26, 1844
Note: No index entry or transcription but is present in the image of the parish register –
Birth of a sisterMaria Pigott
1848 (Age 4 years)
Baptism of a sisterMaria Pigott
January 9, 1848 (Age 4 years)
Religion: Catholic
Note: Godparents - Jacobo Pigott & Ellena Coghlan
Note: Baptism: Maria Pigott, 09/01/1848, Adare
Birth of a sisterMaria Pigott
1850 (Age 6 years)

Baptism of a sisterMaria Pigott
December 22, 1850 (Age 6 years)
Note: Baptism: Maria Pigott, 22/12/1850, Adare
Birth of a sisterMargarita (Margaret) Pigott
1853 (Age 9 years)
Baptism of a sisterMargarita (Margaret) Pigott
June 5, 1853 (Age 9 years)
Religion: Catholic
Note: Baptism: Margarita Pigott, 05/06/1853, Adare
Birth of a sisterEliza Pigott
1854 (Age 10 years)

Baptism of a sisterEliza Pigott
June 11, 1854 (Age 10 years)
Note: Baptism: Eliza Pigott, 11/06/1854, Adare
Birth of a brotherMichaelem (Michael Augustine) Pigott
1857 (Age 13 years)
Baptism of a brotherMichaelem (Michael Augustine) Pigott
January 15, 1857 (Age 13 years)
Note: Baptism: Michaelem Pigott, 15/01/1857, Croagh
Birth of a sisterKathleen (Kate) Pigott
1859 (Age 15 years)

Note: Not able to find any record of birth or baptism
Birth of a sisterMary Philomena Pigott
about 1861 (Age 17 years)
Note: No baptism record found
Birth of a sisterEllena or Helena (Mary Loyola) Pigott
1861 (Age 17 years)
Baptism of a sisterEllena or Helena (Mary Loyola) Pigott
June 20, 1861 (Age 17 years)
Note: Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms
Birth of a sisterElizabeth Mary Ann (Emma) Pigott
1864 (Age 20 years)
Death of a motherMargaret Coghlan
February 14, 1880 (Age 36 years)
Note: 14/Feb/1880 - Ireland, Civil Registration Deaths Index, 1864-1958
Death of a fatherRobert Pigott
October 22, 1880 (Age 36 years)
Address: Ballinaguile
Cause: Bronchitis 8 days
Note: Death entry - District: Rathkeale County: Limerick
Census March 31, 1901 (Age 57 years)

Note: 1901 - Ireland Census - Ballynaguile, Limerick
Death of a sisterEmilia Pigott
September 10, 1902 (Age 58 years)
Address: Limerick Asylum
Cause: Malignant disease of breast existed before admission, Certified
Note: Death: Amelia Pigott from Ballinaguile
Census April 2, 1911 (Age 67 years)

Note: 1911 Ireland Census - Ballynaguile, Limerick
Death of a sisterMargarita (Margaret) Pigott
July 27, 1917 (Age 73 years)

Address: 3 White St., Footscray
Note: Victoria Deaths 1836-1985
Note: The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) - Sat 28 Jul 1917 - Page 5 - Family Notices
Note: The Age (Melbourne, Vic. : 1854 - 1954) - Mon 30 Jul 1917 - Page 1 - Family Notices
Death March 28, 1918 (Age 74 years) Age: 69
Address: St. Johns Hospital
Cause of death: Mitral Regurgitation, Certified
Note: Thomas Pigott, Miltown House Croagh, Bachelor, 69, Farmer
Will April 30, 1918 (33 days after death)
Note: National Archives of Ireland
Note: Name: Thomas C Pigott
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Marriage: February 23, 1841
3 years
elder brother
2 years
9 months
Emilia Pigott
Birth: September 26, 1844 40 18Adare, Limerick, Ireland
Death: September 10, 1902Limerick, Ireland
4 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
4 years
younger sister
2 years
younger sister
4 years
younger brother
3 years
younger sister
3 years
younger sister
1 year
younger sister
Ellena or Helena (Mary Loyola) Pigott
Birth: 1861 57 35Croagh, Limerick, Ireland
Death: June 29, 1934Elsternwick, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
4 years
younger sister

No birth entry found. Mentioned in: - probate of Margarita Pigott (Smith)
About the children of Robert Pigott and Margaret Coghlan It is our good fortune that in the 1880's Helena Pigott took up a legal action in regard to the will of her late mother, Margaret Coghlan (Pigott). The documentation associated with this case provides vital evidence about who is who among the children of the family of RP and MC, also some useful facts about Margaret Coughlan herself. Firstly, the following baptism records are available from "Ireland Roman Catholic Parish Baptisms": 17/09/1843 - Michaelum in Adare, sponsors Andreas Coghlan & Maria Coghlan 26/09/1844 - Emilia in Adare, sp Michl? & Maria Coghlan (NB. not in index, film only) 09/01/1848 - Maria in Adare, sponsors Jacobo Pigott & Ellena Coghlan 22/12/1850 - Maria in Adare, sponsors Thomas Coghlan & Elizabeth Coghlan 05/06/1853 - Margarita in Adare, sponsors Jacobus Pigot & Margarita Pigot 11/06/1854 - Eliza in Adare, sponsors Patritius Pigot & Helena Coghlan 15/01/1857 - Michaelem in Croagh, sponsors Joannes & Joanna Pigott 20/06/1861 - Ellena in Croagh, sponsors ? Pigott & Catharina?os?ell In addition, the following other children are known but have no known baptism record: about 1844 - Thomas about 1859 - Kathleen about 1861 - Mary Philomena about 1864 - Elizabeth Mary Ann Secondly, from the legal case, Helena describes herself as "Helena Pigott, formerly of St Georges Rd Nth Fitzroy, now of 552 Drummond St Carlton, ....Spinster...." in 1897. At that time only one of the Pigott sisters in Melbourne was unmarried and that person went on to become Sister Mary Loyola. Helena lists the following siblings plus herself as the "(Margaret Coughlan's) only surviving next of kin Tom Pigott, Amelia Pigott, Mary Pigott, Margaret Pigott, Elizabeth Pigott, Kate Pigott, Michael Pigott." Thirdly, we know that Mary Philomena and Helena(Ellena) were not the same person, because the will of older sister Margaret names the executors as: Thomas Smith Mary Philomena Taylor Helena Pigott As regards Robert Pigott, he is still alive when Margaret died in 1880 as she is described as "married woman", but has died by 1897 as he is not listed in the next of kin. Also, in 1888 Helena testified that Robert Pigott had survived Margaret Coghlan but had since died. So, which of the baptised children became which adult? Looking at each in turn: Michaelum b. 1843 - there is no further evidence of this person, unless he became Thomas. Records that exist for Thomas are the 1901 census where his age is given as 47, and the 1911 census where his age is 67. If the latter is correct that would match a birth about 1843, whereas a birth in 1853 would conflict with the birth of Margarita. Thomas - as well as the census records, there is a death of a Thomas Pigott 28/03/1918, St Johns Hospital and a further place of "Milltown Croagh", so this might be the Thomas in question. Bachelor, aged 69, farmer - Thomas was a bachelor farmer but the age is questionable. Emilia b. 1844 - this record doesn't appear in indexes but can be seen on the scanned register image for 26/Sep/1844. Presumably this is Amelia who appears in the 1901 census (age given as 41) and dies in 1902 (age given as 46) - Amelia Pigott from Ballanguile (dated 10/Sep/1902.) Maria b. 1848 - because the name has been used again, it's likely that this child died in infancy. Maria b. 1850 - No further records appear for this name. Could this be the child that later became Mary Philomena? Margarita b. 1853 - presumably this is Margaret who later became Margaret Smith and died in Aust in 1917 aged 63. Eliza b. 1854 - no further records exist for an Eliza. Could this be Mary Philomena (later Taylor) or Elizabeth Mary Ann (later Cameron)? Mary Philomena died in 1935 aged 74, this implies birth around 1860 but no such birth or baptism can be found in the records. No age given in death notices. Elizabeth gave her age as 26 at marriage in 1890 and her age was given as 69 in 1933, both of these imply birth in 1864 but no baptism record has been found. Mary Philomena - no identifiable baptism record. Mary was married to John James Taylor in 1891 but no age information available. At death in 1935 her age is given as 74, implying birth in 1860, so perhaps Mary Philomena was baptised Eliza? Elizabeth Mary Ann - no identifiable baptism record. At marriage in 1890 she gives her age as 26, implying birth in 1864. Possibly she could have been baptised Eliza in 1854 but that's a bit of a stretch. At her death in 1933, age is given as 69 also implying birth in 1864. Michaelem b. 1857 - this is Michael Augustine who married Kate Whyte and emigrated to Aust shortly after the death of his mother. Ellena b. 1861 - this is Helena (on the baptism entry, the name could easily be read as either Ellena or Hellena) who later became Sister Mary Loyola. Died 1934 age given as 70, though, in a list of Irish Nuns in Victoria her first name is given as Mary with birth year of 1864, entered service in 1907, and "possibly born 1872".
1901 - Ireland Census - Ballynaguile, Limerick Thomas Pigott - Head of Family - Roman Catholic - Read& Write - 47 - Male - Farmer - Not married - Co Limerick Amelia Pigott - Sister - Roman Catholic - Read & Write - 41 - Femaile - Farmer's Daughter - Not married - Co Limerick
1911 Ireland Census - Ballynaguile, Limerick Thomas Pigott - Roman Catholic - Read & Write - 67 - Farmer - Single - (Where born) Rathkeale - Irish and English
Thomas Pigott, Miltown House Croagh, Bachelor, 69, Farmer
National Archives of Ireland Transcription: Deceased Surname - Pigott Deceased Forename - Thomas C Primary Beneficiary/Executor - Patrick Purcell Date of Death - 30 Apr 1918 County of Death - Limerick On the image: Nbr: 111 Pigott, Thomas C. - formerly of Miltown South but late of St. Johns Hospital. City of Limerick, Farmer Limerick ? R. Will Grant - 30 Apr, 1918 Exec - Patrick Purcell, SHopkeeper
Name: Thomas C Pigott